Tuesday, February 24, 2009

What's Been Going On...

Well I woke up this morning with a KILLER migraine. I am not sure what brought it on but next came the vertigo. Thank goodness my husband was able to come home and help me. I was unable to even stand without losing my balance. He got me in bed and then gave me all of my very strong medicine for the migraines and vertigo. I was out like a light, and have honestly been in a fog the rest of the day. I did however this afternoon do some work. I am about an hour from finishing my bathroom remodel. I AM SO EXCITED! I wanted to put up some before and during pictures. So here is the before, I know it is terrible. I ahve hated these floors ever since we purchased the house but never have changed them, so Instead I decided a more inexspnsive option would be to chage the decore.

Here the paneling is up and the walls are painted.

Here is the begining of painting. Let me tell you, it took 6 coats of paint!! And here is the handy tool I made for painting behind the toilet. I know you can just undo the toilet and move it, but seriously no thanks! I just used a peice of craft wood, a ruler would work too, a peice of foam, and painters tape to hold it on! Yea me for figuring it out and not taking my toilet apart.

Ok So I will post the after pictures as soon as it is 100% Probably tomorrow... stay tuned!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Where has the time gone?

I swear I have thought about blogging in the past few days, but there just hasn't been the time. I have been sick, but am feeling better now thank goodness!!! Lesley is getting bigger by the minutes and it seriously takes my breath away. She is such a cool little kid and she is mine... I am pretty lucky! Her FAVORITE thing to do is read "boos" She has been expanding her focabulary like wildfire. She now says, Mama, Dada, Dogs, Bless You, Baby, Various names, Books, Juice, Nurse, Paci, Chick, Turtle, Duck. Chick, Turtle and Duck she added today! Oh and Nose... I have been SO many project the past two weeks, so keep an eye out over the next few days for alot of before and afters.

Just to make the announcement The Magic Brush, http://themagicbrushinc.blogspot.com/, won a $25 gift card of her choice for winning my contest and Claire, http://soldierprincessandme.blogspot.com/, won the giveaway! I will be sending out thier gifts this week, I hope they love them! Ok so I am off for now. Gotta go finish up some medicine and go to bed! I need my beauty sleep you know.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Prayer Warriors Needed

We need prayers friends. My friends sister is in need of prayers tonight. Kelly Mize is in the hospital in Florida fighting a scary battle. Out of no where Kelly an otherwise healthy 21 year old became very ill. They have done many tests only to have no answers. Her body is not producing red blood cells tomorrow she faces bone marrow testing to try and further determine her condition. The doctors are thinking possibly aplastic anemia. Ladies I know this prayer request will spread quickly and I trust all of the prayer warriors to answer the call. Ladies, please pray that our ultimate healer heal Kelly, pray that he guides the hands of her doctors and that she is healed. God is miraculous and I know that he can and will heal Kelly. Ladies please join me in lifting Kelly up without yielding until she is healed!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Simple Womans Daybook

Join the fun!! http://thesimplewomansdaybook.blogspot.com/2009/02/simple-womans-daybookfebruary-2nd.html

FOR TODAY Feb 2...

Outside my window... It is a cool and balmy day

I am thinking... of my contest and giveaway I am hosting... Its my first so I am really excited.

I am thankful for... showers... they just make you feek alive no matter how little sleep you have gotten

From the kitchen... nothing is happening... i need to go put the roast in though

I am wearing... Pj pants and a big T-shirt

I am creating... So many wonderful sewing creation! and designing new furniture to build

I am going... to the ENT today, here's hoping for relief

I am reading... nothing I am in between but I will be picking up an old favorite today Fried Green Tomatoes at The Whistle Stop Cafe

I am hoping... to get some sleep tonight... my little angle liek to get up and play in the middle of the night

I am hearing... my silly daughter babbling

Around the house... we are still in construction mode so its a mess

One of my favorite things... sweet kisses from my dogs

A few plans for the rest of the week: Sew, build a table, play more in the floor with Lesley and my fur babies Hannah and Fiona, and SLEEP!

Here is picture thought I am sharing...