Saturday, June 26, 2010


What can I say it was simply been an eternity! I have moved, but am not done by any means. My lift has been completely turned upside down in good and frightening ways. But I know that God is guiding my path, so I let go of as much as possible and try really hard to enjoy the ride. I have said it a lot lately, We only get to do this (life) one time, make the best choice, choose the right attitude, and do it so you have no regrets! So until next time here is LC in her summer ballet debut! I promise I am back, life is finally getting normal! Even if normal means out of control! I FREAKING LOVE IT!

Thursday, February 4, 2010


I would have never guessed that moving is this hard! I am loving the nesting part, this house is a blank slate for certain and I am doing all I can to make it have LIFE! I have also been really striving to "shop my house" or shall I say moving boxes to find great things and rethink them. As for now, every project is mid process and there are about 12 going! HA! I am taking pictures, so do not fear there will be a lot of before and after fun and some great tutourials!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


We are moving, I am terrified, I hate change, but am somehow really excited about the new possibilities a change brings. After several weeks of looking we found a place to rent, so that will be a change, but the landlord seems very flexible. I am not allowed to paint the walls, so I have a lot of creative ideas to bring color to the antique walls of this cute house. I hope you hang around, because I have about 12 projects and re-dos to share as I complete them. Be back around in a day or two, WISH US LUCK!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Guess who is back! A Catch up post!

Ok so I have been away, but it turned into a CRAZY few weeks. First of all, traveling for Christmas, Parties, New Years, traveling some more, I have been SICK for 2 weeks and well we may be moving! So you can imagine I am a tad distracted. But since the past few weeks are a blur I will use a few pictures to give you a glimpse and remind myself! First up, My DEAR SWEET Great Aunt Bea. She is the only thing I have that remotely resembles a grand-parent as my biological ones have long sense passed. ( when I was a kid) So Aunt Bea has assumed the role, whole-heartedly I might add! She is the best, FUNNIEST lady and I am SO blessed to have her!

So to kick off the season we started with a little party at a friends house! The day LESLEY wore a pull-up for the first time!

She really likes being a big girl

Ok so then we hit the road to go to Augusta, GA the holidays with the in-laws. Up first was a trip to a beautiful light show in east nowhere GA. It was great except for the the temp, 35 degrees, and my lack of preparedness I was wearing LOAFERS! HA!

SO, after the great thaw (the ride home from the light show) I still had to wrap presents. But I had been up for 16 hours, had the day from you know where, and I had frostbite. SO I wasn't as concerned with perfection when wrapping like usual. HA! Here is the photo evidence my husband took while mocking me!

I mean really what are you supposed to do with this...
Wes would normally not mock me, especially when I have scissors at the ready, but I normally mock him mercilessly for his TERRIBLE wrapping skills, so it was his payback.

So then there was Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day, otherwise known aas my 21 month got overwhelmed and we had to call it quits for a while! HA
But once attitudes were better we resumed Christmas!

Notice that face I am making, Not really sure what that is, but I am too lazy to find a better one!

My nephew got a big ole car, and they had more fun riding it Christmas Day!

Lesley showing off the shirt I made her for Christmas dinner. I am still upset I do not have picture of her dressed up from Christmas Eve services, but alas, I have a 21 month old. It is a miracle I remember to put on deodarant.
Ok so home from Augusta, and my darling cousin Audra came to visit. I am a photographer and we are working on some concept work I have and she was a good sport and modeled for me!

BTW Audra "Auab" is Lesley's FAVORITE person EVER!
So new years was totally uneventful as my sickness was starting to kick my butt and Lesley was/ is still cutting cutting 4 teeth! So we hung around the house... I am pretty sure we dont even have a picture. But we enjoyed chinese food, sweet and sour chicken which Lesley named "hiney chicken" God I love this child!
SO, my sickness, well that pretty much gets us current I am still sick. I go through waves of FREEZING and sweltering! Another hubby mocking pic.

Notice I am under the covers, with 2 layers of clothes and a ear warmer, oh and I was sitting in a heating pad!
Then to top off all the sicky fun we got SNOW! Which is SO exciting! I LOVE SNOW!
But we were so sick, hubby tried to go get meds... he didnt have much luck!

So even sick we had to play, there is still snow on the ground 3 days later, and it is COLD OUTSIDE! Thanks for sticking with me for a long post, and I am glad to be back!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Technical Difficulties and a WINNER!!

SO sorry I haven't announced the winner from the Linky party giveaway, or put up my tour for the Nesters party, but my computer was NOT cooperating yesterday! So with out further ado, the winner of the Magical Moments Pillow is JEN from Thank you to all who linked up and added comments! Jen just visit the shop and convo me which one you would like and your address and it will ship by Friday! Also, I do plan on still doing a tour, but i have to figure out why by computer isn't reading my camera card!grrr.... Have a great one, be back in a bit!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

My Christmas Wish List

Ok, so everyone keeps asking me what I want for christmas. It is a really hard answer to give. I really do not need for anything, and frankly there isn't much I want for. What I do tend to want is more expensive and not anything I would dare put on a list. But for myself I thought I would make my wish list. If I could have 5 things under the tree for purely selfish reasons what would they be...

1. $17,000 to have all of the remodel work I want done to our house paid for! (this includes giving me a laundry room that isn't in the basement, where the morons who lived here before me moved it to)

2. A table saw! I have just about every other saw and this would be the PERFECT addition to my tool collection.

3. A new Sewing Machine I have one, and it works well, but I hate it's button hole function!

4. 2 new soft box lights and stand. I love soft box lighting for studio work. Plus I plan to become involved with NILMDTS this year, and a small one may come in handy.

5. Oh and a serger!

So there is my top 5. I hope to make at least a few of them become a reality very soon.

What about you? Is there anything you would really love to have?

Friday, December 11, 2009

I am officially done decorating!

SO I couldn't be more excited! I have officially finished my Christmas decorating and thank goodness, because I want to be ready for The Nesters Tour of Homes.
Christmas Tour of Homes with The Nester

So now I can focus on several of my handmade presents, and finishing my Etsy shopping. I decided for Christmas this year I was going to get most of my gifts from Etsy, or make them, and I have discovered SO many great Etsy stores. SOOO, I am going to start featuring a store once a week! We are such a talented group of crafters, artists, and bloggers, that we deserve a little nod every now and then. If you have an Etsy shop and would like to be considered for a feature let me know! I will start next week and already hae several atores in mind. I think it will be a lot of fun! Make sure to join the Linky party and Giveaway!