Monday, April 27, 2009

Monday Music Musings

WELCOME to Monday Music Musings. So I have decided that (hopefully) every Monday I will share with you music, be it an album, and artist, or just a song it will be music related. I know that I always love discovering new musicians, so I thought I would make a point to broaden my horizons and share what I find.

Today.... I want to tell you about Jack's Mannequin. WOW! I am in love! To start with both of their albums are fantastic. I love the piano and somewhat raw quality to the vocals. "The Glass Passenger" is the groups second album it chronicles McMahon's battle against Leukemia. It is raw, honest, and emotionally charged. There are several songs that are darker and some that are very up tempo but no matter the sound, the emotions of fear, fatigue, and ultimately survival are poignant! I for one have found the "The Resolution" is likely my new favorite song. With lyrics like "And I'm alive And I don't need a witness To know that I survived I'm not looking for forgiveness I just need light I need light in the dark as I search for the resolution" I feel that I am being let into a very personal place. I think what is so awesome about "The Glass Passenger" is it is personal. Most music isn't, and often it really has no significant meaning... that can't be said about this album. So check it out! Here is the website all of their work is available on Itunes as well! I hope you enjoy!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Care to come along?

So it has been a week and I am sure most of you have grown used to my random absences. I do apologize though; I wish I was better at blogging. I just feel I have nothing worth hearing. Therein lies the problem. I think a problem a lot of moms have and why so many of us have turned to blogging. We don’t really think what we have to say is too important, but we hope that someone will think that what we say matters. I have had a rough week, not like lately, no deaths in the family or natural disasters, but emotionally. I realized I missed “ME” the old me. The “me” before I was a mother, the “me” that read A LOT! The “me” that traveled, went to museums regularly, sought out new music, and tried anything new at least once. That version of me was confident, contemplative, intellectual and informed. I realized this week that I do not love this new not improved version of myself. Not in the sense that I am like an insecure teenager but more a person who just woke up and realized they were on the wrong track. Maybe this all sounds crazy, I am sure it does, but just maybe you too have had a moment when you realized you are changing and not for the better. Don’t get me wrong I love being a mom, but who said that I can’t be the old version of myself and still a mother? I think the old Lani is actually better suited to be a mother than this current version. So I guess my point is I am getting back to me. So be prepared for more blogs, more information about the world, things that inspire me, things that make me look at the world in new ways, and things that simply entertain me. I hope you are willing to join me.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Since 12 is my lucky number...

and that is how many FOLLOWERS I have now I thought I would share with you publically what several of you already now. I decided to start designing a childrens clothing line. This has always been something I wanted to do, and i had talked about it with a friend a while ago, then I decided "what am I waiting for?" I have so many ideas so I got started. I began designing, buying supplies, and equiptment, and prepapring. I set up a blog, (very soon to be a .com) I set up my Etsy shop, my paypal, and ordered my clothing labels. Well, then to my complete excitement my friend whom I had previously discussed this all with expressed her desire to do it with me!!!! You cant know how excited this makes me. Lindsey,, is one of my very best friends. She is someone that God seriously made just for me! I couldn't ask for a better friend and I am so excited for her to join me. She is so talented and I know that together you are going to just LOVE what we create. Our first few lines have already been designed and soon enough I will be sharing them all with you. So Since 12 is my lucky number I hope that my 12 followers will bring me amazing luck and success!

Ya'll Gotta Check This Out

Ladies you MUST go check out this giveaway! CHOCOLATE, Handbags, I mean need I say more! It's Mama Loco's 100th post giveaway and she is going to SPOIL someone!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Some Before and After Fun

I recently had the fun of finally convincing my sister to let me dress up her patio! it was in DESPERATE need and she was very resistant to "bother" with it. Well I convinced her and she gave me a budget of $80 so with that I did this! We got the seat cushions from Ross, and the curtains are just canvas drop clothes. She lives directly behind a grocery store and now you wouldn't notice much less care the patio is so comfortable. Check it out!
EDITED: My sister "claims" she doesnt have the before pictures, likely story I wouldn't want anyone to see the before either! HA!

What makes you angry?

So I have decided to join in a little linky fun. Stop by Kasey's Blog if you would like to join in.

Today's task: 5 things that just really get you fuzzed up (that means makes you mad)

1. People who do not own their issues. Be honest with yourself and everyone else. Own your actions. If your not willing to own up to something then dont do it!

2. This may sound trivial, but it makes me angry, or I should say irritated when people call my daughter a boy. I realize she has no hair, but seriously she is in PINK! Are you blind?? and NO I wont tape/glue/use toothpaste/ whatever else you crazy people suggest just to put a bow on her head. I realize it would make it easier for you strangers to know she is a girl, but I dont want to make her mad!

3. Poor service at restaurants. I realize your job is not the most fun, I know because I was there. I did your job for 2 years. And since I know hoe to do your job, I know just how Lazy your being! Trust me when service is bad because the hostess just triple sat you I will be TOTALLY patient... but I dont enjoy cold food or no beverage because you are too busy texting to do your job!

4. Dust Bunnies... I can literally handle mess, clutter, you name it. But I hate dust bunnies. I have two large dogs so I feel I am always at war with dust bunnies, and I dont think i will ever win the battle.

5. It really gets under my skin when people are negative. I understand we all have our days, and being moody is ok every now and then, but people who in general are negative really get under my skin. And it can be hard to be positive when things aren't going the best but there are always things to be thankful for and being thankful leads to being Positive! I just want to shake them and say "BE THANKFUL" I have had a REALLY rough years, but who cares? I dont want to spend my days being upset about it, I would rather be greatful for today and the gifts it will bring. BE THANKFUL for breathing, for a day without pain, for being able to eat, for having to many pajamas, for a bautiful, hysterical daughter ( or apparently son HA!) she is the most precious creation did I mention she always crosses her anklesLOL TOO CUTE, an amazing husband (who I could make another top 5 list for but wont) a family that is SO close, friends that God brilliantly blessed me with. You get the point Dont be negative.... be THANKFUL.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Been busy for recovery

So I have been feeling ok. The past few days I have had a window of feeling pretty normal. So yesterday I spent that time with some old friends. It was Founders Day for my husbands Fraternity Kappa Sigma. But it wasn't just the guys it was thier families. It was SUCH a great day. They all got to meet Little Miss Lesley and couldnt get enough of her. We got to meet several of the guys new babies. It is so cool to have friends like we do. Yesterday was special for several reasons but one of the main reasons was that it was the last day event at the fraternity house. The university has built a greek row and as of August the fraternity will be moving. We got to go on a tour of the new house, and it will be NICE!!! but the best part of the day was doing what we did best hanging on the porch! I will attach some pics once I feel up to getting on my desktop. This is my bad part of the day so for now on the couch with my laptop is all your getting. HA!