Saturday, April 11, 2009

Since 12 is my lucky number...

and that is how many FOLLOWERS I have now I thought I would share with you publically what several of you already now. I decided to start designing a childrens clothing line. This has always been something I wanted to do, and i had talked about it with a friend a while ago, then I decided "what am I waiting for?" I have so many ideas so I got started. I began designing, buying supplies, and equiptment, and prepapring. I set up a blog, (very soon to be a .com) I set up my Etsy shop, my paypal, and ordered my clothing labels. Well, then to my complete excitement my friend whom I had previously discussed this all with expressed her desire to do it with me!!!! You cant know how excited this makes me. Lindsey,, is one of my very best friends. She is someone that God seriously made just for me! I couldn't ask for a better friend and I am so excited for her to join me. She is so talented and I know that together you are going to just LOVE what we create. Our first few lines have already been designed and soon enough I will be sharing them all with you. So Since 12 is my lucky number I hope that my 12 followers will bring me amazing luck and success!

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