Monday, April 6, 2009

What makes you angry?

So I have decided to join in a little linky fun. Stop by Kasey's Blog if you would like to join in.

Today's task: 5 things that just really get you fuzzed up (that means makes you mad)

1. People who do not own their issues. Be honest with yourself and everyone else. Own your actions. If your not willing to own up to something then dont do it!

2. This may sound trivial, but it makes me angry, or I should say irritated when people call my daughter a boy. I realize she has no hair, but seriously she is in PINK! Are you blind?? and NO I wont tape/glue/use toothpaste/ whatever else you crazy people suggest just to put a bow on her head. I realize it would make it easier for you strangers to know she is a girl, but I dont want to make her mad!

3. Poor service at restaurants. I realize your job is not the most fun, I know because I was there. I did your job for 2 years. And since I know hoe to do your job, I know just how Lazy your being! Trust me when service is bad because the hostess just triple sat you I will be TOTALLY patient... but I dont enjoy cold food or no beverage because you are too busy texting to do your job!

4. Dust Bunnies... I can literally handle mess, clutter, you name it. But I hate dust bunnies. I have two large dogs so I feel I am always at war with dust bunnies, and I dont think i will ever win the battle.

5. It really gets under my skin when people are negative. I understand we all have our days, and being moody is ok every now and then, but people who in general are negative really get under my skin. And it can be hard to be positive when things aren't going the best but there are always things to be thankful for and being thankful leads to being Positive! I just want to shake them and say "BE THANKFUL" I have had a REALLY rough years, but who cares? I dont want to spend my days being upset about it, I would rather be greatful for today and the gifts it will bring. BE THANKFUL for breathing, for a day without pain, for being able to eat, for having to many pajamas, for a bautiful, hysterical daughter ( or apparently son HA!) she is the most precious creation did I mention she always crosses her anklesLOL TOO CUTE, an amazing husband (who I could make another top 5 list for but wont) a family that is SO close, friends that God brilliantly blessed me with. You get the point Dont be negative.... be THANKFUL.


  1. Ahh, great list! So true about negative people! I at least try to be a positive person, doesn't always work. But I realize everyday how blessed I am! You can't help but be positive if you think about your blessings!

    Have a great Monday!


  2. I have a very hard time talking to people who are negative. I pray for them.

  3. dust bunnies are the devil! I can sweep and sweep and they just seem to pop up behind me as I'm sweeping! It's madness!

    I agree that debbie-downers are no good! We should be more thankful! Thanks for joining

  4. I agree with all 5! I mean seriously bad service makes me want to shoot someone! Oh and negative people stink! Negativity is contagious and can affect all those around.

  5. Great list!

    You wake up with 2 choice 1)to make it a good day and be happy or 2)to make it a bad one and bring everyone in your path down with you~ it's in your hands!

  6. Agree with bad service at a restaurant! Love the way your daughter crosses her ankles. That is just so cute!

  7. Your daughter is adorable!! She does not look like a boy- that would bug me too!

    Nice to meet you- glad you joined in on the fun. Have a great week!


  8. I loved your list. I know, I wish people would be more thankful too and see the positive side of things.

    Have a super day!


  9. bad service has got to be one of my biggest pet peeves! seriously people! do your job if you want a tip!

    have a wonderful day!

  10. Oh your daughter is so CUTE! People used to tell me my boys were so cute - when my GIRLS were little. The funny thing is now they say that my youngest is a beautiful girl and he has NO hair! People are strange! LOL

  11. I saw you over at Tatertots and Jello and thought I would say hello. Have a great week! :0)

  12. Negative people are so sad...their life must be a mess...I always try to let my light shine and be positive!

  13. Ah this is such a great list! I remember being in Walmart with my daughter one day -- she was in a cute pink dress with a little pink bow in her hair. This man walked up and said, "that's a fine lookin' son you got there." I almost pinched him!

  14. It is definitely always better to be positive! Negativity is so yuck. I remember when my little boy was a baby and people would refer to him as her, even if it was by mistake, it was pretty annoying. I would think..."hello, he's dressed in blue!" LOL.

    Hope you have a great week!

  15. I totally made my husband let me get my oldest child's ears pierced when she was just under one because I was so tired of people telling me how cute my son was. He resisted until someone told him how much his son looked like him.
    Your daughter is adorable.

  16. I agree, and I'm definitely beyond thankful for the life I have. :)

    Your baby is adorable...

  17. Hi, Thanks for your reminder of little things to be thankful for. I really have to work on being positive. Yesterday that was my main goal and I made it through the day saying only positive things. It makes life better that way. I also wrote about crummy service in restaurants with luke warm food. Have a great week.