Sunday, April 5, 2009

Been busy for recovery

So I have been feeling ok. The past few days I have had a window of feeling pretty normal. So yesterday I spent that time with some old friends. It was Founders Day for my husbands Fraternity Kappa Sigma. But it wasn't just the guys it was thier families. It was SUCH a great day. They all got to meet Little Miss Lesley and couldnt get enough of her. We got to meet several of the guys new babies. It is so cool to have friends like we do. Yesterday was special for several reasons but one of the main reasons was that it was the last day event at the fraternity house. The university has built a greek row and as of August the fraternity will be moving. We got to go on a tour of the new house, and it will be NICE!!! but the best part of the day was doing what we did best hanging on the porch! I will attach some pics once I feel up to getting on my desktop. This is my bad part of the day so for now on the couch with my laptop is all your getting. HA!

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