Monday, April 27, 2009

Monday Music Musings

WELCOME to Monday Music Musings. So I have decided that (hopefully) every Monday I will share with you music, be it an album, and artist, or just a song it will be music related. I know that I always love discovering new musicians, so I thought I would make a point to broaden my horizons and share what I find.

Today.... I want to tell you about Jack's Mannequin. WOW! I am in love! To start with both of their albums are fantastic. I love the piano and somewhat raw quality to the vocals. "The Glass Passenger" is the groups second album it chronicles McMahon's battle against Leukemia. It is raw, honest, and emotionally charged. There are several songs that are darker and some that are very up tempo but no matter the sound, the emotions of fear, fatigue, and ultimately survival are poignant! I for one have found the "The Resolution" is likely my new favorite song. With lyrics like "And I'm alive And I don't need a witness To know that I survived I'm not looking for forgiveness I just need light I need light in the dark as I search for the resolution" I feel that I am being let into a very personal place. I think what is so awesome about "The Glass Passenger" is it is personal. Most music isn't, and often it really has no significant meaning... that can't be said about this album. So check it out! Here is the website all of their work is available on Itunes as well! I hope you enjoy!

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