Sunday, December 13, 2009

My Christmas Wish List

Ok, so everyone keeps asking me what I want for christmas. It is a really hard answer to give. I really do not need for anything, and frankly there isn't much I want for. What I do tend to want is more expensive and not anything I would dare put on a list. But for myself I thought I would make my wish list. If I could have 5 things under the tree for purely selfish reasons what would they be...

1. $17,000 to have all of the remodel work I want done to our house paid for! (this includes giving me a laundry room that isn't in the basement, where the morons who lived here before me moved it to)

2. A table saw! I have just about every other saw and this would be the PERFECT addition to my tool collection.

3. A new Sewing Machine I have one, and it works well, but I hate it's button hole function!

4. 2 new soft box lights and stand. I love soft box lighting for studio work. Plus I plan to become involved with NILMDTS this year, and a small one may come in handy.

5. Oh and a serger!

So there is my top 5. I hope to make at least a few of them become a reality very soon.

What about you? Is there anything you would really love to have?

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