Sunday, March 22, 2009

11 days

Yes I know it has been 11 days since my last post. I do apologize, but I have valid reasons for my absense. In the past 11 days I have worked, found out for certain that I have to have surgery, scheduled my surgery, dog sat and completely crate and manners trained an unruly beagle and lost 2 members of my family. PHEW! It makes me tired thinking back over it all. I lost 2 uncles, one from each side of my family. Both very dear to me. I am not quite ready to talk about them, but I probably will be soon. I have to get through the next few days first. I have all day tomorrow to prepare for my surgery. Tuesday I have 3 pre-op appointments, Wednesday I will travel to Birmingham, AL for my uncle's funeral, and Thursday travel home to have surgery. Needless to say I am stressed to the max, emotional, and anxious. I am just getting over the shocking passing of my other uncle 9 days ago. Anyway, I will definately be accpeting prayers over the next few days for emotional and physical healing. Ok so now I am off to do laundry, I have probably 7 loads to do before Tuesday.... yuck!

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  1. im thinking of you sweet pea!!!! sorry you are having a rough time