Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Birthday Celebrations

Ok So I have been under the weather so to speak! I have strep, or had whatever penecilan is taking care of business, but now because it is SO beautiful here is GA, my allergies are acting up! Strep throat and allergies can a girl catch a break. Anyway, that is the reason this post is so embarrassingly late. I wanted to share with you the birthday pictures from my sweet angels birthday.


  1. Yep pretty much she is way too precious and pretty much I love both of you to absolute pieces!

  2. What a sweetie pie! I am a fellow Georgia blogger as well. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. The Nester has made my day, my week, my year! Hope you have a great weekend with your family.

  3. SO cute and precious!!
    blessings, kari & kijsa

  4. Lesley Claire- such a beautiful name and a beautiful little girl.:) Happy 1st birthday!

    Hope you are feeling better!:) Lori

  5. That little outfit couldnt be cuter!

  6. Happy Birthday to your little one, she will grow up too fast!!

    Thanks for stopping by and entering my GIVEAWAY, Good Luck.