Wednesday, January 28, 2009

25 Things about ME!

I was tagged by Lindsey so here goes...

1. I have A.D.D. so finishing something like this that doesn't have prompts is VERY HARD for me. I am already getting antsy!

2. I went to my Alma Mater by default and am SO glad I did. Going to West Georgia changed my life.

3. I met my husband at a Sorority Crush Party. I saw him from across the room and I was SOLD!

4. While at West Georgia I joined a Sorority which led me to my husband and the best friend and little sis and girl could ask for!

5. You would never guess it, since I only wear make-up a few times a week, but I LOVE wearing make-up.

6. My husband proposed to me while holding our first four-legged baby Rocky a chihuahua. We lost him back in October and then I lost my ring at Christmas...


8. My wedding anniversary is June 24th but I was legally married on June 17th. In Alabama you can marry you 3rd cousin (no exaggeration) but a man cant change his last name.

9. I love shopping for new cars... I LOVE haggling and making deals.

10. I have a beautiful daughter who is a miracle, with stage 4 endo I was told I would never conceive.

11. I am always tired... my child doesnt sleep.

12. I love photography and am starting to develope a business for myself.

13. I LOVE decorating!

14. I am a packrat and hate it!

15. I hate grammar and have likely used poor grammar which will drive Lindsey CRAZY!

16. I am not at all like the mother I thought I would be which is good and bad.

17. I Love to garden and cant wait to do some major work this year in my backyard!

18. I have gotten sidetracked 4 times already and am having a hard time finishing this thing, but I refuse to quit something I just started.

19. I once won a social studies sompetition on the local, regional, and state level.

20. I was in honors chorus and went to state competitions, same with Drama... I won awards and stuff, I was an Honor Thespian. You know you are jealous!

21. I used to dance ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, and thanks to bad feet stopped and three foot surgeries later I cant even wear heels.

22. I loved a many parts of my wedding day, but I really hated my reception in alot of ways!

23. I married my soul mate and even though us both having A.D.D. makes things interesting I wouldnt have it any other way!

24. I have the most diverse and hysterical group of friends!

25. I have the most amazing Lord. He shows me daily how amazing he is and how perfect his love is!

Ok so I finished this and I should have been uploading the pics for the contest, but will tomorrow... SO I guess I tag you Laura! Tag your IT!!!


  1. Love it and love you! Thanks for sharing! So....what day do I get to see you next week?

  2. Great list! Thank you for your sweet words on my blog! I can't thank you all enough for the support & love I get there! Thank again!