Thursday, January 29, 2009

Decorate My Roost

Ok so it is official its time to help me decorate my roost! Well it is my mom'sliving room to be exact. Depending on the sucess of this competition I will do a room from my house next month. To enter to win a gift card you must leave a comment with your ideas or (preferably) blog about how you would decorate the living room. Pictures will be very helpful and remember the top people that inspire me most will get a gift card to a favorite retail store. I am also hosting a giveaway at the same time. The giveaway is as simple as most and is intended to help bring people over here with their great ideas! So comment and get 1 entry, post about the contest, and comment be back to let me know and get 3 additional entries, so there you have it. Now I have some things already in this room. The colors are a ligth blue, rust, that sagey green and brown. The main points that need work are above the fireplace/mantle and this beast!!! There are tons of shelves that can be put into this so keep that in mind. I guess what I am thinking is... should I paint the shelving, what should I decorate with? It is a blank canvas I know, but you can do anything you like. I am just needing inspiration. There is very little to shop around the house for as Mom tends to donate stuff constantly. So think paint? think picutres, stars, decorative stuff. I know it is tough that is why if you post with deocr ideas you will possibly win a gift card to the store of your choosing.So we have our work cut out for us ladies and I am SO excited to see what you would do!

The Giveaway Prize is Valentine's themed and agian the contest winner(s) will get gift cards~


  1. Hi Lani-
    I would love to help with your questions but I think I'm too tired! I was just finishing up for the night and I saw your comment again. I wondered if you knew that I responded to you there the other day. I'd love to hear your questions.
    Tim @ Remodeling Guy

  2. I would love to win your giveaway! You know I love winning anything! :) Read the email I sent you on Facebook and get back to I can help out!

  3. I would definitely paint the fireplace mantle. I would do either Modern Masters English Brown or Blackened Bronze. I'd love to see the bookcase painted the same... but that's gonna be a huge undertaking.

    I would remove the 2 candlesticks on the top of your fireplace and replace them with something with more "weight". You need a few good, chunky accessories. Same in the bookcase. Find some old interesting books. Put a good plant on them. Only a few framed photos in big frames. I usually have to look at magazine pictures to see how things look good placed in bookcases.

    Is the bookcase built in? Is in opposite in the room of the fireplace? Cuz if it is, you need some of that brown on the bookcase on that side of the room.

    I'm rambling. Thanks for listening. Jennifer Allwood, The Magic Brush

  4. I would love to enter, but I have enough trouble decorating my own place I don't need to get advice to someone else! :-)

  5. I wish I had more advice for you but I have to say my family room looks almost exactly the same!! We just bought a new media center with a bunch of shelves and many of them are sitting empty.

    What I did do was take a bunch of our big "coffee table" type books and stack them on one shelf. Another shelf is wedding pictures, another shelf is just family photos. On another shelf I bought matching photo albums from Target and put in all my photos that I have been saving. That way it fills up a shelf and the pictures are easily accessible to be looked at.

    Our mantel is also pretty empty but I bought a large framed design of an American flag and placed it directly on the mantel rather than hanging it above. That way most of the space on the mantel is taken up and I only had room for a few more pictures. It makes the mantel look pretty good.

    I am really finally just starting to decorate my house, after 5 years of marriage and 1.5 years of living in the house! It really seems to take a while to figure out. We have a local craft fair every Christmas and that is where I found the American flag picture, it was only about $30. So it doesn't have to be a lot of money.

    I hope that helps a little bit!

  6. I'm not sure how to contact you, so you can email me! It's:

    :) Claire