Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Fun Filled Day

So today I had such a great time. Lesley and I spent to day with my good friend Lindsey ( ) and her daughter Charlotte! We went out to lunch at my favorite Mexican place The Border and then went to this fab store. It's called Robinson Salvage, they buy all kinds of stuff from stores that are closing and sell it at GREAT prices. We aren't talking Big Lots, we are talking $1000 Bridal Gowns for $400 and two aisles over A full set of Mikasa China for $99. Then random ornaments, vases, furniture and car parts.... its CRAZY awesome. Lindsey and I were there Forever! Here are some pics of our precious girls from a couple weeks ago. Today was not a day for pics as it was a DOWNPOUR. Lindsey and I had never had to get the girls out in really bad weather before and we did it together today. Lets just say I had just blown my hair dry but by the time we got to the restaurant you would have thought otherwise.... oh and while bending over to get LC out of the car I had rain running down my pants.... (wet panties anyone!) and running into the shoes. Yes I had on clogs, and yes I realize now that clogs were a poor choice! So pretty much I was a HOT MESS! But we had a great day and laughed A LOT!


  1. I had a wonderful time with you! You are a precious friend and I thank God for you and your precious daughter! Yall are a true blessing to me and Charlotte Rose!

  2. Question.... are you going to the "inauguration"?....hahaha...still not over that one!