Monday, December 8, 2008

The Simple Womans Daybook

FOR TODAY December 8, 2008

Outside my window... is a bright and COLD day.
I am thinking... about all of the things I need to be doing
I am thankful precious angel Lesley she gets funnier and more animated by the day.
From the kitchen... I am going to go make my lunch in a few, once I get Lesley down for a nap... I think a chicken sandwich will be great!
I am wearing... PJ's I don't get changed until I am about to leave... to many chances of getting my clothes messed up.
I am creating... my holiday garland and wreath
I am going... to hopefully not get into a fight with my insurance agency today!
I am reading... Marley and Me again before I see the movie. I bought it and read it when it first came on in hard back almost 3 years ago... so I need a refresher.
I am hoping... to get the house cleaned and to play in the floor with my baby girl today
I am hearing... PBS coming from the other room... whatever happened to Reading Rainbow?
Around the house... a mess can be found in every room. So I am not perfect it's OK.
One of my favorite things... the smell of my baby girl.
A few plans for the rest of the week: we have our 9 month check up tomorrow! and I need to get my holiday cards out!
Here is picture thought I am sharing... My sweet Furbaby Fiona is just as curious about Lesley as she is of Fiona. They LOVE exploring each other!


  1. that is a precious pic!!! sooo cute! thanks for stopping by my blog today!

  2. I love that picture!

    It made me smile :)

    I hope you don't get into a fight with your insurance agency either.

  3. Can you get together Wed?

  4. Cute picture! Thanks for stopping by! I got the unfinished birdhouses the end of last week in their little craft section. Mine had two styles available. But they didn't have many.


  5. Thank you for my saucy congrats! OMg the cuteest picture ever! I alwasy tried to get those shots and just never could!

  6. What a sweet picture of your daughter and your furbaby!

    I came to check out your Daybook; very nice. :)

  7. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    I love that picture of your baby and (your?) the dog! It is so cute!! Oh! And I really enjoyed the prayer from mommies post below.

  8. You are dong great for your first few weeks of blogging. I also stay in my pj's until it is time to leave the house, although my excuse is horribly shedding dogs. LOL.