Thursday, December 4, 2008

So much to say!

So I have been a tad bit busy lately! My Daughter Lesley Claire in getting rather mobile and chasing her and our two large dogs around a x-mas tree is proving difficult. Anyway, I have had a great day despite the weather today and found a TON of cool stuff. Mostly bargains like the pumpkin lanterns (6 of them), fall foliage garland (3 strands), and pilgrim people. I know your thinking hello its not fall, but I got them all 90% off!!! I ADORE fall and have been trying to slowly build my fall decorations without spending much money. I am sad to pack them away so quickly, but it makes looking forward to next fall that much more exciting! Oh I also got something for a friend... and since she follows this blog I guess it isn't a surprise. (which is OK because I can't keep gifts a secret anyway) I saw it and immediately thought of her dining room. If you don't love it Lindsey its OK I can return it, but I just thought it would be so pretty with all of the other feathered treasures in your dining room! I actually thought it would be cute nested in with your white one. Anyway to see what I am talking about you can check out her decorations at Highheels and Hairbows . Anyway, after my shopping I met up with My Hubby and we took our daughter to the Christmas Parade here in town. It was COLD and RAINY so we decide to grab a burger and wait it out. We had a very pleasant evening and now I am sitting here listening to my husband snore while my sweet angel is sleeping on his chest. I still am not satisfied with my tree but I think I will be done with it tomorrow for better or worse. I still have to do my garland and my wreath! So I need to stop being such a perfectionist. I guess since it's our first Christmas with the baby and first time we have put up a tree in this house I just want perfection. I can dream right. See you soon.


  1. YEAAAAAAAAAAAAA!! I LOVE IT! YOU ARE THE SUNSHINE ON MY RAINY DAY! I love the wreath! You are so sweet to have thought of me! I wish my Hobby Lobby had a better 90% section! Cant wait to see yall soon!

  2. Hi!! Im a new SITSta too, popping in to say hi!

  3. Hi! Found you via SITS and wanted to say hello.

    You did so good on the fall decor! 90% off is too good to pass up!

  4. Hi, saw your comment on SITS and wanted to come over and say hi.
    You're doing great on your blog!
    Have a good night ...